Junseong Kim (@codertimo)

I’m currently working on 

Developing open-domain dialog system whose name is Luda
Building Korean MRC(Machine Reading Comprehesion) Dataset at KLUE project
Trying hard to reduce the Learning Machine Learning(LML) loss
Coding everyday for better research engineering skill.

I’m currently learning 

Open-Domain Question Answering
Tensorflow 2.x
Asset Investing (Portfolio, Risk Management, Macro-Finance etc)

How to reach me 

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Working Experiences

ScatterLab, ML Research Scientist (2018.10-Current)

Pretrained language model fine-tuning pipeline for evaluation (8 Korean NLU task implementation using tf2 and running on GCP Pipeline + k8s)
Person name recognition task for automated privacy protection
Large scale dialog response retrieval (select best response for given context in 100M+ response candiates )
Intent classification task using Out-of-Distribution method (classifiy given question is chitchat or goal-oriented purpose)
Dialog topic keyword recognition task (built dataset, train, deploy)
Chitchat specific named entity recognition task (built dataset, train, deploy)
Dialog context retrieval task using semantic representation (find similar context)
B2B service prototyping (engineering works)

Naver Clova AI, Resarch Internship (2018.7-2018.09)

Prototying goal-oriented dialog system for a restaurant reservation
Multiple research paper implementations using Pytorch (internship assignment)

Atlas Labs, Machine Learning Engineer (2017.06-2018.06)

Domain-specific neural machine translation task for shopping website
Name entity recognition/intent classification for airline booking chatbot
Intent classification task for card company chatbot
Audio/Transcription Data collection & management


Kookmin University (2017.03 - Current)

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science, GPA 4.0, Sophomore
Leave of absence for military service period (3 years)

Korea Digital Media Highschool (2014.03-2017.02)

Hacking & Defence department
Leader & Founder of Computer Science Club "Aperture"


Park, Sungjoon, Jihyung Moon, Sungdong Kim, Won Ik Cho, Jiyoon Han, Jangwon Park, Chisung Song, Junseong Kim, Yongsook Song, Tae Hwan Oh, Joohong Lee, Juhyun Oh, Sungwon Lyu, Y. Jeong, Inkwon Lee, Sang-gyu Seo, Dongjun Lee, Hyunwoo Kim, Myeonghwa Lee, Seongbo Jang, Seungwon Do, Sunkyoung Kim, Kyungtae Lim, Jongwon Lee, Kyumin Park, Jamin Shin, Seonghyun Kim, Lucy Park, Alice H. Oh, Jung-Woo Ha and Kyunghyun Cho. “KLUE: Korean Language Understanding Evaluation.” (2021).
Contribution: Lead of machine reading comprehension task (KLUE-MRC)


PyCon KR 2019, Building Smart Open-Domain Chatbot with 10B human2human message data
Naver D2 Tech Talk 2019, Building Chatbot who can do the human-level conversation
Google I/O Extended Seoul 2019, All you need is Google’s AI Tech
Developer Circle Seoul, 2019 F8 Viewing Meetup, Facebook F8 Review


Finalist, Representative of Korea, Intel ISEF(International Science Engineering Fair) 2017, Computer Science Category
Finalist, Representative of Korea, Intel ISEF(International Science Engineering Fair) 2014, International Science Engineering Fair, Computer Science Category
Grand Award, 2016 KSEF: Korea Science Engineering Fair, Computer Science
Grand Award, 2014 ISEF-K: Korea Science Engineering Fair, Computer Science
2nd Award, 2013 KOI: Korea National Information Olympiad, SW Project Category
3nd Award, 2016 KOI: Korea National Korea Information Olympiad, SW Project Category