Fine-tuning Method
only focusing on coding capability
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최근 MS 내에서 SLM (small-scaled LM) 연구가 활발하게 진행되고 있는데, 대부분의 approach가 data organization & synthetic data generation을 통한 성능 향상


2.7B 23/12 phi-1 -> phi-1.5 -> phi-2, 작은 모델을 덜 정제된 데이터로 학습 -> 더 큰 모델을 작은 모델로부터 scale-up & 더 정제된 데이터로 학습
2.7 billion parameter, 14 days on 96 A100 GPUs
1.4T tokens from multiple passes on a mixture of Synthetic and Web datasets for NLP and coding
Phi-2 is a base model that has not undergone alignment through reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), nor has it been instruct fine-tuned. ⇒ 즉, RLHF & instruct fine-tuned 등 advanced training technique을 활용하지 않고도 데이터 quality를 높이고 organized synthetic data를 활용하는 것만으로 더 높은 성능을 보일 수 있음.
The Importance of Data Quality & Data Organization powered by GPT-4 : phi-1 => phi-1.5 (from phi-1) with higher quality data => phi-2 (from phi-1.5) with higher quality data
data organization : data를 세부 도메인 별로 나누고, 각 도메인별로 점차 quality를 높여가며 데이터를 학습 (science, daily activities, theory of mind, among others.)
mixtured with synthetic data & filtered web-data based on educational value and content quality : gpt-4를 활용하여, 도메인 별 prompting을 통해, data filtering & data-crafting & enriched with NL explanations
coding 에서 25배 큰 Llama-2-70B 보다 성능이 좋음 & 훨씬 큰 모델인 llama-2-13B & mistral-7B & Gemini Nano 2-3.2B 보다 압도적으로 높은 성능을 보임 (math & coding에서 높은 성능)


phi-1 : (1.3B parameters, trained for 4 days on 8 A100s)


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